13 thoughts on “HBO’s The Life & Times of Tim

  1. Steve, have you tried contacting Netflix about bringing back The Life & Times of Tim? They don’t have anything like your show and I think it would be a huge hit! Why did HBO cancel it in the first place?

  2. I WATCH TIM EVERY NIGHT HAVE EVERY EPISODE!! I’m a mom of 3 girls Hispanic family living in Brooklyn!! I love Tim I’m always sad how others set him up for failure and he is always so chilled about it! I love u Steve Dildarian for creating a show that I can watch when times are rough and I’m feeling down!!! Thanx! (Thinking of tattooing Tims face on me!)

    1. if you get the Tim tattoo please send a picture. glad you like the show so much.
      – steve

  3. Have watched this series and KAB man countless times and they always make my day. Your oil paintings are top notch too. Thank you Steve-Tim, your art and environmental message are greatly appreciated!

  4. I love this show. Just laugh out loud stuff. its a shame more people dont see that.
    Good luck with future projects Steve. I know they will be good.

  5. I just learned about this show and binged through the entire series. Absolutely love it, and of course I’m very sorry to hear that it may never return.

  6. Peoples lovw the show!! Fuck HBO you got a huge fan’s base.Why don’t try a kicktarter?

  7. Hi Steve, first of all thanks for ‘Tim’ I love it. Just re-watching all 3 series. I know you’ve probably been asked this a million times so apologies first but is there any chance of another series or is Tim dead?!

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