Dog in Window

Dog in Window, SOLD to Barbara Blazek.

Four Birds

Four Birds, SOLD to Kurt Fifelski, with donations to the Humane Society of Huron Valley, and Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife.

Yellow Cow

Yellow Cow, 24 x 30.” SOLD to Stefan Copiz.

Wheelbarrow With Sticks

Wheelbarrow With Sticks, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Linda Fifelski.

Pig in Rain

Pig in Rain, SOLD to Mahau Ma.

Cat Painting

Cat Painting, SOLD to I. Podgurskiy with a donation to WildAid.

Too Many Dogs

Too Many Dogs, 24 x 36.” SOLD to Jesse Urjil with a donation to Austin Pets Alive.

Two Crows

SOLD to Ali Yurukoglu and Emily Parker with a donation made to Rainforest Action Network.

Dog in Window #2

Dog in Window #2, 24 x 30.” SOLD to Aleksandar Siveski with a donation to Environmental Defense Fund.

The Sheep

The Sheep, 36 x 48.” SOLD to Mahau Ma with a donation to the US Humane Society.

Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith, 30 x 40.” SOLD to Greg Telleri with a donation to Rainforest Action Network.

The Pig

The Pig, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Griffin Taylor with a donation to Mercy for Animals.

Coyote Pups

Coyote Pups, 30 x 40.” SOLD to Adam Reed with a donation to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Box of Donuts

Box of Donuts, 30 x 40.” SOLD to Jon Soto.

Dogs on Beach

Dogs on Beach, 24 x 48.” SOLD to John Levenstein with a donation to Pets for Vets.

Cow Thinking About His Life

Cow Thinking About His Life, 30 x 40.” SOLD at Lounge, SF.

The Bird

The Bird, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Missi Pyle with a donation to Red Bucket Rescue.


Rooftops, 18 x 24.” SOLD at Lounge, SF.

Basket of Apples

Basket of Apples, SOLD to Maurita Dunphy.

Huge Cow

Huge Cow, 30 x 40.”  SOLD at Lounge, SF.

Row of Houses

Row of Houses, 30 x 40.” SOLD to Sandy Jack.

Lost Dogs

Lost Dogs, 30 x 48,” SOLD @ Lounge, SF.


Field of Sheep, SOLD to E. Parker and A. Yurukoglu with a donation made to World Wildlife Fund.

Who Drank My Water

Who Drank My Water, 14 x 14.” SOLD with a donation made to The Good Food Institute.

Dog at Night

Dog at Night, 20 x 20.” SOLD to Brian Hurley with a donation to Audubon Canyon Ranch.

Blue Bicycle

Blue Bicycle, 24 x 48.” SOLD to Mahau Ma with a donation made to Rainforest Action Network.

Where is Everyone

Where is Everyone, 16 x 16.” SOLD to Dave Newberg with a donation to Dogs Without Borders.

Apples in Truck

Apples in Truck, 30 x 40.” SOLD @ Zonal, SF.

Dogs in Field

Dogs in Field, 30 x 48.”  SOLD to Graham Wagner with a donation to the NRDC.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie, 12 x 12.” SOLD to Todd Grant.

City Dog

City Dog, 12 x 12.” SOLD to Suzy Watson with a donation made to the SPCA of Texas.

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