Dogs on Beach.jpg

Dogs on Beach, 24 x 48.” SOLD to John Levenstein with a donation to Pets for Vets.


Coyote Pups, 30 x 40.” SOLD to Adam Reed with a donation to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.


Wheelbarrow With Sticks, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Linda Fifelski.

Yellow Cow

Yellow Cow, oil on canvas, 24 x 30.” SOLD to Stefan Copiz.

Where is Everyone.jpg

Where is Everyone, 16 x 16.” SOLD to Dave Newberg with a donation to Dogs Without Borders.


Box of Donuts, 30 x 40.” SOLD to Jon Soto.

Dog Taking a Stroll.jpg

Dog Taking a Stroll, 8 x 10.” SOLD to Jane Westfall with a donation to Much Love Animal Rescue.

Apples in Truck.jpg

Apples in Truck, 30 x 40.” SOLD @ Zonal, SF.


Two Dogs Looking at Each Other, 12 x 12.” SOLD to Missi Pyle with a donation to Red Bucket Rescue.

The Whale.jpg

The Whale, 24 x 48.” SOLD to Ian Kalman.

Tall Cow.jpg

Tall Cow, 10 x 10.” SOLD at Zonal, SF.


Pancakes, 16 x 16.”  SOLD to Garrett Werner with a donation to Wildlife Care of SoCal.

The Pig.jpg

The Pig, 16 x 20.”  SOLD to Griffin Taylor with a donation to Mercy for Animals.

Bicycle #4.JPG

Blue Bicycle, 24 x 48.”  SOLD to Mahau Ma with a donation made to Rainforest Action Network.

Cow Thinking.jpg

Cow Thinking About His Life, 30 x 40.” SOLD at Lounge, SF.

Basket of Apples, 36 x 36.” SOLD to Maurita Dunphy.

Two Elephants.JPG

Two Elephants, 12 x 20.”  SOLD to Mick & Alexis Bormann with a donation to Air Shepherd.

Red Cow.jpg

Red Cow, SOLD to Scott Kaplan with a donation to Paws Crossed, NY.

Dogs in Field

Dogs in Field, 30 x 48.”  SOLD to Graham Wagner with a donation to the NRDC.


Bicycle, 10 x 20.” SOLD to Margaret Johnson.

Boxes of Fruit.jpg

Boxes of Fruit, 30 x 40.”  SOLD at Lounge, SF.

Small Dog

Small Dog, 6 x 10.”  SOLD to Rhett Mitter and Jenna McGrath with a donation to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.

Ping Pong.jpg

Ping Pong Table, SOLD to Matteo Vianello.

Skeptical Dog 16x20

Skeptical Dog, 16 x 20.”  SOLD to Joerg Wood with a donation to the Center for Biological Diversity.

Row of Houses.jpg

Houses on Horizon, 36 x 48.”  SOLD to Sandy Jack.

Small Sheep Painting 6x9.jpg

Small Sheep Painting, 6 x 10.”  SOLD to Joerg Wood with a donation to the Center for Biological Diversity.

Dog By Beach.jpg

Dog by Beach, 8 x 12.”  SOLD to Monica Welsh with a donation to Muttville for Senior Dogs.


Rooftops, 18 x 24.”  SOLD at Lounge, SF.

Sheep in Ireland.jpg

Sheep in Ireland, 8 x 10.” SOLD to Mike Clements with a donation to Farm Sanctuary.

Lost Dogs, SOLD at Lounge, SF.


African Elephant, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Kate Dessa and Gordon Vayo.

Dog Looking Over Shoulder.jpg

Dog Looking Over Shoulder, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Nick Bartle.

Apple Pie copy.jpg

Apple Pie, 12 x 12.” SOLD to Todd Grant.


Dog with Bone, oil on canvas, 16 x 20.” SOLD to Ian Kalman.

Huge Cow, 30 x 40.”  SOLD at Lounge, SF.