Dogs on Beach.jpg

Dogs on Beach, SOLD to John Levenstein with a donation to Pets for Vets.

Cow Thinking.jpg

Cow Thinking About His Life, SOLD at Lounge, SF.

Where is Everyone.jpg

Where is Everyone, SOLD to Dave Newberg with a donation to Dogs Without Borders.

Sheep in Ireland.jpg

Sheep in Ireland, SOLD to Mike Clements with a donation to Farm Sanctuary.


Box of Donuts, SOLD to Jon Soto.

The Whale.jpg

The Whale, SOLD to Ian Kalman.

Ping Pong.jpg

Ping Pong Table, SOLD to Matteo Vianello.

Yellow Cow.jpg

Yellow Cow, SOLD to Stefan Copiz.

Dog By Beach.jpg

Dog by Beach, SOLD to Monica Welsh with a donation to Muttville for Senior Dogs.

Dog in Window 2.jpg

Dog in Window #2, SOLD to Aleksandar Siveski with a donation to the Environmental Defense Fund.